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Our state of the Art lamination machine from Nordmecannica ensures highest quality of solvent-less lamination. The “Super Simplex” technology eliminates even the minute chances of lamination errors in duplex and triplex structures.

Tea, Confectionary, Cakes, Biscuits, Snacks, Ice Creams, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Instant Drinks,
Powdered Milk.

•Solvent Free Lamination Process
•Odour Free Process
•No Solvent Retention
•Even Adhesive Application
•Environment Friendly
•Energy Saving Process

Slitting Machine
•LLDPE or HDPE 40-150μ; PE, OPP, CPP or PVC 30-150μ; PET 12-150μ; BOPP 25-150μ; Metalized film 20-70μ; Laminated films 40-200μ; Paper 60-210gsm.
Unwinding Section
•Unwinding-stand with shaftless hydraulic loading clamps.
•Equipped with digital type line position
control (LPC) to ensure accurate slitting position.
Slitting Section
•Equipped with razor cutter.
•Equipped with blower, expulsion tube.

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