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Arab Packages is committed to ensure highest standards of its product. We ensure that quality is monitored and controlled at every process. Therefore our Quality Control Laboratory is well equipped and we have a well-trained QC team that ensures we monitor and control quality of our product at every stage of the process.

COF TESTER Coefficient of Friction (COF) testing is used for a variety of materials, It is generally determined to be the ease by which two surfaces (often of different materials) slide against each other.

TENSILE TESTER We can perform seven different packaging related tests with this equipment.

SEALER Heat sealer is Used for sealing of packaging films & bags.

WVTR water vapor transmission rate (WVTR), is a measure of the passage of water vapor through a substance. … Moisture sensitive foods and pharmaceuticals are put in packaging with controlled MVTR to achieve the required quality, safety, and shelf life.

CLOLUR MATCHING CABINET Color matching cabinet, also called color viewing light box or color matching box, is a light booth for color matching. It can be easily felt in our daily lives that under different lighting conditions, the color of an object would appear to be different to us to certain extent.

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